FAQ 常见问题

Who should I contact with if I have technical issue?

Any technical questions such as uploading images, email confirmation please contact with our web developer jent.zheng@gmail.com. But if you follow the steps below you should manage to upload your entry without any problem.

任何關於技術上的問題例如上傳圖片,郵件確認等,請聯繫我們的開發人員  jent.zheng@gmail.com。但如果你能夠按照下面的步驟處理,理應可以成功操作。

Why I can not receive the conformation email?

Our sendmail service is provided by 3rd party(zoho.com). To make sure you can receive our email, please whitelist this address “web@szipe.org(do not reply this email)”, especially the users from QQmail or 126.com


How to upload images?

  1. Sign up and fill up your personal info, if you already participated in the last year, just simply login with your password.
  2. Login to your personal email account and click the confirmation link from the mail sent by our server
  3. Login to our submission website
  4. Click “Create Entry”
  5. Upload your images and fill up the image title
  6. Click the button “CREATE ENTRY” on the left bottom corner to submit this form.
  1. 注册及填写个人信息,地址,如果是往届的作者,只需要用电子邮件登录即可,若忘记了密码,请通过个人电子邮箱找回密码
  2. 登陆你的个人邮箱,点击来自我们服务器发出的确认邮件,如果收不到邮件请参阅“为什么我没有收到确认邮件”
  3. 登陆我们的投稿系统
  4. 点击“新增稿件”
  5. 准备好你的作品按栏目提交照片及写上照片标题
  6. 点击左下角提交按钮“新增稿件”。
GIF demo

GIF demo